News and updates at the SIA Health & Wellness Center

Exciting times are ahead! The expansion for the SIA Health & Wellness Center is well underway. Here’s what you need to know:


When you visit the center:

  1. Timely excellent quality patient care remains our number one priority.
  2. Fencing has been added around the construction area which includes some of the parking lot. This means there will be a reduced number of parking spaces for the duration of the construction project. There are still plenty of parking spaces available, but you many need to park closer to the Recreation Center.
  3. You may not get called back into a room until the provider is ready to see you. Staff will be working quickly to turn exam rooms over to allow you optimal time with your provider.

Our requests of you.

  1. Please complete your eCheck-in via This will save you time.
  2. To keep your appointment on time, please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to find parking and check in.
  3. If your provider is agreeable, consider a phone or video appointment for your next provider visit that will take place during construction.
Once construction is complete, we want you back in the center so you can experience the new and improved SIA Health & Wellness Center experience.
Thank you for your patience. The completed facility is going to be spectacular!
Exciting news!
Construction is underway at the SIA Health & Wellness Center. Please plan for possible traffic delays and parking restrictions when you attend your upcoming visit.