Get your medications at no cost – directly from your provider.

From diagnosis to treatment plan, in one convenient visit.

Have you ever left a healthcare appointment with a prescription and never went to fill it? This may be due to the inconvenience of going to a pharmacy or the concern over how much it might cost. Whatever your reasoning, this is a common issue that can interfere with your care. That’s why provider dispensing is a great solution. You can now get your medications at no cost, directly from your Premise Health provider at your employer-sponsored wellness center. Your provider may prescribe a medication during your visit as part of your treatment plan, and you can leave with it in hand.

You can even get up to a 90-day supply to reduce the number of times you need a refill. When you’re about to run out, simply schedule a follow-up visit with your provider. They’ll monitor your progress and offer ongoing support.

Skip the extra trip to the pharmacy. Schedule an appointment at your local wellness center to get started.

Here’s how it works.

You can get your medications for one-time prescriptions or ongoing needs.
These are some examples of how provider dispensing could work for you:

Chronic or long-term health issues

You have high blood pressure, and it requires an ongoing prescription. You schedule an appointment with your provider at your wellness center. They give you a 90-day supply of your medication. You then schedule follow-up visits for refills. Through regular check-ins with your provider, you receive your medication and continued support to manage your health.

More reasons to get your medications directly from your provider:

Cost savings

You can get your prescription medications at no cost. 


Get up to a 90-day supply of your medications during your wellness center visit. There’s no need to make a separate trip to the pharmacy. If you need a refill, you can get a same-day or next-day appointment.For your convenience, refills are available at your routine follow-up visits.


You can start your treatment plan right away. You don’t have to go elsewhere or wait for your prescription.

Personalized care

You’ll get one-on-one support from your trusted provider. They’ll help monitor your progress and assess your treatment plan during follow-up visits.

We have a script for that.

Your wellness center carries 25 medications to cover your needs. From allergies to diabetes, they’re all available to no cost.

Ready to get started?


Schedule an appointment.

To get your prescriptions at no cost directly from your provider, you’ll first need to schedule an appointment at your local wellness center. You can do this through your My Premise Health account at or on the app. You can also call your center directly or stop by.

If you don’t have an account yet, visit and click on “Sign Up Now” under “New User.” If you need help, click on “Contact Support.”


Visit with your provider and leave with your medications.

Your provider will determine which medication(s) you need and dispense them during your visit. If your prescription is for an ongoing need, you can receive up to a 90-day supply.


Schedule an appointment for a refill.

For your convenience, refills are provided at your follow-up visits. They’ll provide support and guidance on your treatment plan and give you your refill. Repeat this step as needed.


Provider dispensing is an offering through your employer-sponsored wellness center that’s operated by Premise Health. It allows your provider to prescribe and give you your medication at no cost during your visit. This eliminates the need to go to a pharmacy after your appointment.

With provider dispensing, if your medication is on formulary, you get your medications directly from your provider during the same visit in which they prescribe them. This is unlike a pharmacy, where pharmacists are giving you your prescriptions that were prescribed by your provider. You also get your medications at no cost, which is not often the case at a pharmacy.

Yes. You need to visit with your provider in-person at your wellness center. For your convenience, you can see your provider in-person or virtually to get your prescriptions at your wellness center.

One of the best parts about getting your prescriptions directly from your provider is for the extra support. They can monitor your progress and determine if the medication is working. If it’s not, they’re able to reassess and change your treatment plan as needed. This results in better care that can improve your health. We recommend you schedule your future refill appointment after every provider visit.

Prescriptions filled during a visit with your provider are not set for auto-refill. Instead, we recommend scheduling your future refill appointment after every provider visit.

Your wellness center will carry prescriptions medications at no cost. Also, you will receive added support from your provider. They can help you manage your medications and overall health. The cost savings and one-on-one care make the switch worth it!

Your Premise Health provider cannot take your existing prescriptions from another provider and simply give you those medications. Instead, they’ll need to discuss your needs with you and come up with a treatment plan from there. If your provider thinks it’s appropriate, they will write the prescription for the medication and fill it if it’s available at the wellness center.

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Provider dispensing may not be available in all areas. Availability is dependent on, and subject to, state laws and regulations. If you are interested in provider dispensing, please contact us to determine if provider dispensing is available at your wellness center.

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