Delivering exceptional care to you and your family is our #1 priority, which is why we want to make you aware of the changes made to My Premise Health accounts for adolescents.

Starting November 4, 2023, our members aged 12 through 17 require parental/guardian permission to activate their own My Premise Health (MPH) account. Parents/guardians can obtain an activation link by calling their health center or by going to “Contact Support” on their MPH portal.

This requirement is to comply with state and federal privacy laws, which specify that parents/guardians must have an adolescent’s written consent to access their full medical records in their MPH portal. These laws are designed to support adolescents by:

Ensuring that those in crisis have a safe place to get help

Ensuring that those without adult support are protected

Encouraging them to provide a complete medical history

Adolescents who have concerns over how a parent/guardian may react to their behavior(s) may withhold critical and sometimes life-saving information, resulting in them not getting the medical help they may need. This update offers them the chance to speak honestly and independently with healthcare providers about any issues.

An adolescent can choose between three levels of access permission for their parents/legal guardians:

Limited Proxy MPH Access

(Automatically granted
by Premise Health)

A parent/legal
guardian can see:

Appointment scheduling

Messages between the parent and the provider

Billing info

Full Proxy MPH Access

(Requires the adolescent’s written consent)

A parent/legal
guardian can see:

Everything the adolescent
can see; nothing is restricted.

An adolescent can request an electronic consent form when they call the health center, or they can sign the paper consent form in person.

No Proxy MPH Access 

(A teen can choose to remove all MPH proxy access at age 13)

A parent/legal
guardian can see:

No parts of the adolescent’s MPH account

Note: Minors 12 years of age and under are not eligible for MPH accounts. Parents/guardians can request full proxy access for members in this age range at any time via their own MPH account.

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