Stay connected to your health.

Stay connected to your health.

Monitoring your health just got easier.

With the assistance of your provider, you’re able to connect to Apple Health and Google Fit through your My Premise Health account. Both are synced to thousands of devices and apps that can help monitor your health. You can also directly connect your account to Fitbit devices.

Your provider may recommend a specific device to monitor your health as part of your care plan. Examples of devices you’re able to connect include blood pressure cuffs, fitness trackers, scales, heart rate monitors and more. This allows you and your care team to stay in sync and track your health outside of your physical and virtual visits.

If your provider has already authorized a connected device for you, continue to the instructions below to connect your device. If you’re interested in connecting a device, please reach out to your Premise Health provider to get started.

Connecting your device

Before you’re able to connect your device, you need a My Premise Health account. You’ll also need to download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play for Apple and Android devices. To register for your account, visit or download the My Premise Health app and select “Sign Up Now.”

Your privacy is protected.

Your personal health information is confidential, and your data is kept secure. Premise Health operates in accordance with HIPAA and works diligently to protect all health records. We can’t share any personal health information with your employer or anyone else without your permission unless it pertains to a work-related health injury. Premise Health also operates through a private network and software systems that cannot be accessed by other members or company staff.

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